Mohawk Gardens Protectors

Our MGP Diversity Club was formed in March 2017 following surveys with students and staff.
Mohawk Gardens is proud to announce our newly formed grade 5 and 6 diversity club - MGP! 
The Mohawk Gardens Protectors are a group of students who are learning how to work together and raise awareness of issues related to gaps in diversity (e.g. gender, race, culture, family structure). We are working to close gaps by using resources that celebrate diversity such as posters around the school and books in our library collection.

Rainbow Flag
You may notice that we have the Rainbow Flag hanging on our flag pole in June. This is in recognition of all of the work we have done at Mohawk Gardens around inclusion and acceptance. June is Pride Month and we would like to help celebrate the variety of families that our staff, students and community come from, and to respect all of the things that make us unique individuals. We are very proud of the work that our MGP (Mohawk Garden Protectors) group have done leading the school in this work. 

Please see the HDSB message below for some additional information:
"The government of Canada recognizes June as LGBTQ+ Pride Month and raises the rainbow flag at Parliament Hill for the month of June. LGBTQ+ students disproportionately face bullying and prejudice and are four times more likely to attempt suicide than straight students (Egale Canada). The HDSB is committed to ensuring positive and accepting schools that support mental health and promote well-being for all students, parents/guardians, staff and Trustees. The HDSB celebrates the contributions of the LGBTQ+ community by encouraging schools to display and/or raise the rainbow flag during the month of June and plan events and activities that honour and highlight LGBTQ Pride. Displaying and/or flying the rainbow flag in Halton schools is a symbol of support and recognition of LGBTQ+ peoples in our Board community and also a show of support to those who have family and friends who identify as LGBTQ+. Displaying and/or flying the rainbow flag symbolizes that our schools are safe, respectful and welcoming environments where our students and staff who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and all LGBTQ+ people are able to learn, grow, and succeed together."

Warm Fuzzy Pencil Project
The M.G.P. (Mohawk Gardens Protectors Club) worked from January to March 2018 to create original warm fuzzy pencils which are available for purchase for $2 each. The purpose is to send an anonymous gift to someone at school that could use a "pick me up", or a message that someone cares. Each pencil has a nice message attached that will go out to each person who receives one.

"You are receiving a warm fuzzy pencil from someone who cares: Warm Fuzzies are a reminder that you are loved and you belong. Mohawk Gardens Protectors Club is here to help and support everyone in our school. YOU ARE SPECIAL!"

It is not meant for every student in the school, but rather a kind message to someone in need. If your child would like to send this message to a particular student in Gr. 1 to Gr. 6, please see the attached schedule which indicates which date they can purchase a warm fuzzy pencil. Money collected will be donated to a local community organization that supports students. Thank you.

SALES SCHEDULE: Organized by what grade you are in, not what class:
Thursday May 3: 12:25-12:50 Students who are in grade 1
Thursday May 10: 12:25-12:50 Students who are in grade 2
Thursday May 17: 12:25-12:50 Students who are in grade 3
Thursday May 24: 12:25-12:50 Students who are in grade 4
Thursday May 31: 12:25-12:50 Students who are in grade 5
Thursday June 7: 12:25-12:50 Students who are in grade 6
Thursday June 14: 12:25-12:50 Students who missed out on first sale (only grades one, two three)
Thursday June 21: 12:25-12:50 Students who missed out on first sale (only grades four, five, six)