Kindergarten Survey

The Early Development Instrument

Parents and guardians know that young children can be at different stages of readiness as they begin school.  In order to better understand readiness-to-learn as an outcome of early childhood development, the Ministry of Education is implementing the Early Development Instrument (EDI) project in all publicly funded elementary schools with Kindergarten programs during the 2017-18 school year.

The EDI measures children’s readiness to learn at school and is completed by your child’s teacher.  This teacher completed questionnaire was developed at McMaster University’s Offord Centre for Child Studies.  It is a population measure.  The results are reported at a group level only.  Individual student results are not available.  Kindergarten teachers will complete an EDI for each of their Year 2 (Senior) Kindergarten students during February and March 2018.

As parents and guardians of Year 2 (Senior) 2018 Kindergarten children, you are invited to complete the Kindergarten Parent Survey (KPS) in March 2018.  The KPS is a collaborative initiative of Halton’s Our Kids Network, of which the HDSB is a partner.  The KPS is a voluntary, confidential and online survey that focuses on child health, and well-being and learning experiences.  Please watch for more information about the KPS in the weeks to come.

The information gathered through the EDI and KPS will be used to help inform and support child development initiatives in Halton to ensure that all children thrive.  For more information about the EDI and/or KPS, contact your school principal.